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Pod Squad Membership

One of the best ways to support Finfolk at this time is to become a MEMBER of the Finfolk Pod Squad! The Pod Squad is a brand new branch of the Finfolk family. Squad members will receive exclusive merchandise deals and priority updates about the warehouse space and production timelines. Finfolk Pod Squad members will be sent an invite to a secret Facebook group, where we will post updates about special offers, exclusive discounts, and the progress on the warehouse! POD SQUAD MEMBERS WILL RECEIVE PRIORITY ACCESS TO THE PRESALE OF THE NEXT MYTHIC TAILS AND FABRIC TAILS. 

Finfolk Productions has experienced so much exponential growth this year, that we can no longer operate in our current studio. We are very excited to announce that we will be purchasing a 14,000 square foot warehouse space to house our expansions! But, we need your help in order to make the space completely ready for a mermaid tail studio and full time production. The sooner we can move into our new space, the sooner we can hire more staff, store more product, and double, triple, or quadruple our operation abilities. That means more mermaids tails, much faster! For the last five years, Finfolk has operated out of basements, rented studio space, and (currently) a walkout garage attached to our home. The time has come to give Finfolk room to stretch its fins and reach its full potential. 

100% of funding is going to help make the warehouse space ready for Finfolk Productions.

*** Pod Squad apparel, merchandise, and single brick purchases do not constitute a membership. All listings that include a membership will say so in the description so please read each item carefully. ***

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