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  • For Mythic Tail ONLY: Finis Shooter Upgrade
  • For Mythic Tail ONLY: Finis Shooter Upgrade


For Mythic Tail ONLY: Finis Shooter Upgrade



**Attention: Please review product description before purchasing **

All upgrades including fins, fin sets, Finis Shooter upgrades, and full sized flukes must be purchased NO LATER THAN SUNDAY, MARCH 17! If upgrades are purchased in a separate order, it is the buyer's responsibility to email the team with all order numbers to combine!

This listing is for a Finis Shooter monofin upgrade for mythic tails. This is only available for mythic tails currently in production. Shooter upgrade can only apply to normal mythic tails and cannot be applied to mythic tail orders with full-sized fluke upgrades.

This listing is not synonymous with the separate FINIS shooter monofin listing for use in fabric tails. To purchase a loose FINIS monofin for fabric tails and/or training purposes, please visit the separate FINIS Shooter Monofin listing here:

The Finis Shooter monofin is equipped with a short and stiff fiberglass blade and rubber foot pockets and heel straps, it provides excellent propulsion for ease of swimming. 

Size recommendations based on women's US shoe size:

  • Available in sizes M-XXL
  • M: Shoe size 5-6
  • L: Shoe size 7-8
  • XL: 8 1/2-9
  • XXL: 10+

Cancelled orders will incur a 10% restocking fee.

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