• Island Iris Fabric Tail
  • Island Iris Fabric Tail
  • Island Iris Fabric Tail


Island Iris Fabric Tail

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 *PLEASE NOTE: ESTIMATED TO SHIP IN 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS.* In some cases, orders may take as long as 4-8 weeks.

** Size chart located in the photo section of this tail listing ** 

Finfolk fabric tails are designed to be the most beautiful, realistic fabric mermaid tails available today! Our swimmable fabric tails are created from 1mm neoprene, with sublimation printed designs that are realistically detailed and vibrant. Featuring highly desired, full sized Finfolk flukes, all fabric tails come with a durable vinyl monofin casing built inside of the tail. Monofins are easily installed, and rest inside of the casing, providing graceful flow and movement in the water. These tails will fit a variety of monofins up to the dimensions listed below. We recommend monofins with short, stiff blades such as the FINIS Shooter or FINIS Foil.


Tail features:

  • 1 mm neoprene tail skin
  • Elastic waistband
  • Invisible 20 inch side zipper
  • Photo realistic sublimation dyed designs
  • Durable vinyl monofin casing

Fluke dimensions:

    • Length(total): 36 inches
    • Length(at middle of fluke): 19 inches
    • Width (at widest point): 27 inches

*** Purchase includes 1 fabric tail and 1 monofin casing ***

This product is to be used with a monofin by proficient swimmers only. Quality of monofin will affect quality of use. Recommended monofin for use is the Finis Shooter Monofin. Injury or death may occur with improper use. Always follow common sense swimming practices with use of this product. Do not swim alone, or in bodies of water too deep or too hazardous for your abilities. Always swim in lifeguarded areas.

WARRANTY: In the event of a manufacturer defect or other issue, the refund policy on this product is as follows: Item may be evenly exchanged or returned for store credit within seven days.  

*All shipping options refer to shipping time AFTER order has shipped*

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